There's not too much going on in Two-Egg on a fine Sunday morning in June, and maybe that's as it should be.

Two for the road to Two-Egg

Drop off Interstate 10 into Jackson County and head north on Florida SR 69.  You'll pass through the pleasant village of Grand Ridge and several miles down the road you'll come to Two Egg.  We could have been wandering along just about any two-lane country road in the Florida Panhandle on the Sunday morning we encountered the village of Two-Egg.

It wouldn’t have made much difference to us. Jackson County's main draw for tourists is the Three Rivers State Recreation Area just a few miles east of here. But we had camped there at Lake Seminole on previous outings and our plan now was simply to drive around and see some stuff. (You'll notice we do a lot of that.) We’re seldom picky about it — the main point is to get out and see countryside, people, places and things we haven’t seen before.

By the time you get through the main crossroads that comprises Two-Egg, that’s pretty much it. There’s an abandoned gas station on one side of the road and a thriving gas station/general store called “Lawrence Gro.” across the street.

We intended to stop and learn more about Two-Egg, but everything was closed. Down the road a bit we noticed a church with what probably accounted for most of the cars in the community parked outside.

As we drove on I couldn’t help wondering whether the citizens of Two-Egg ever wonder about what life is like for the occupants of the few cars that pass through their little town on their way to the hustle and bustle of some larger town somewhere down the road.

“Hey, Anita, do you suppose the Two Eggians miss the bright lights and the big city?”

“No, why would they?” she said.