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I-5 to the Northwest

I-40 to the West

Route 66 to the Southwest

I-80 through the heartland

     The Barns of Madison County

I-10 to the Southeast

     Two for Two Egg

I-95 to the Northeast

Welcome to the Open Road

This page is dedicated to all those who need only a set of wheels and miles of open space in front of them to enjoy the world. In our case, the vehicle of choice was a 1970 VW Bus. It carried us all around the country for about 12 years.

There was nothing magic about the venerable old beast, but it became a magic carpet that took us on many happy journeys. It wasn't a comfortable ride, but it rarely was a dull one. It already was old when we got it, but I kept fixing it up just enough to keep it on the road.

You’re welcome to hop aboard and log a few miles with us. The highway links will take you far and wide.