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I enjoyed owning this vintage Harmony Archtop Tenor Guitar for a while, then sold it on ebay. It played well. The action was exceptional for a guitar this age. According to an early 1960s Harmony catalog, this guitar is made from "seasoned hardwood." Nice faux "flamed maple" finish, too!

It displays as a glossy beauty here, but it was incredibly filthy when I rescued it from a local flea market for $75. Not only did it have many years patina of dirt and tobacco smoke residue, but a former owner, a moron apparently, had hauled it to a painting party and failed to protect it. It had hundreds of tiny flecks of white paint sprinkled over it. Fortunately it was a latex based paint and the guitar was already very dirty before the party.

I carefully removed the paint flecks using a credit card as a scraper. Then it got a light bath using a soft dampend cloth and Murphy's Oil Soap. Next came a little session of wicking CA into a couple of areas where the celluloid binding was loose. I finished it off with a lot of elbow grease and some automotive polishing compound, followed by Meguire's.

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It was made in 1965, according to the internal markings. I think this is the tenor version of Harmony's Montery Leader guitar. Harmony stamped the inside of these with a letter and date code that's easy to deciper. This one is marked "S-65-JM" and has the serial number "7280H950".

It measures 16 inches across the lower bout. It also has a body length of 18-5/8 inches. The scale length is about 22-1/2 inches and it's about 37-1/2 inches long overall. Nut width is 1-1/4 inches. String height measures about 3/32 inches at the 12th fret, where it plays well. This is with the adjustable rosewood bridge set nearly at its lowest setting.

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