'Doing the Dishes' Back to Fretsville or Reality Check
dish_cutting_jig.jpg (87808 bytes)

router_sled.jpg (19957 bytes)Building Notes:

Radius dishes are effective jigs for building a controlled amount of "dome" into contemporary instruments. Making a pair of radius dishes turned out to be more work than I expected. Shown here is a 15-foot radius dish being buzzed out using my home-made router sled. For about a quarter of the roughing process I simply buzzed back and forth across the dish, rotating the workpiece the width of the cutter and reclamping it for each pass. This hogged out material nicely, but it was killing my old back. I switched to clamping the router to the sled, and rotating the workpiece by hand in a push-cut. The process went a lot faster after that. It went even better when I switched to a carbide cutter. High speed steel doen't stand up to MDF very well. Still, a lot of work, when you consider the sanding, sealing and so on to come. If I were smart I'd just spend the $60-$70 bucks and buy the 25-foot radius dish ready made.

I guess I just like making sawdust and dulling cutters.


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