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   In Cracker’s Crumbs, writer Gib Bergquist (1924-2006) reveals a wealth of insight into life as it was lived in Florida during the Great Depression and throws in a few razor-edged observations about today’s world.
   The following links represent only a small sampling of the delightful Cracker tales you’ll find in Cracker’s Crumbs, a collection of tales from our good friend, Gib, who wrote the stories for his newspaper columns during a period of several years serving as a weekly columnist for the Anna Maria Islander. I'm pleased and proud to have served as editor for Gib’s original newspaper columns and for his book, and to have been his friend. Although he is now gone from our daily lives, he still lives in the hearts of those who loved him. 
   These stories are presented here with The Cracker’s permission and solely for your enjoyment. Please remember that these are copyrighted works and may not be reproduced or published in any form without the author’s written permission.
   Permission is hereby granted to quote small excerpts for the purpose of publishing reviews.  Feel free to link your pages to this site and to tell your friends about Cracker's Crumbs! A few books from the first edition may still be available.  Check the links below.

Remembering Gib

Introducing the Cracker

Crackers earned their name

Grandpa George and the bone felon

Don’t underrate mullet

Some Notes on Cracker logic

A boy called Pelican

Ol’ Joe Byrd

The bootleggers

A tale of two operas

Wish you were here!

The Chetnik

Floyd the Flim Flammer

Mary Mary solves a puzzle

’Gator Tales

Of Crackers and chickens

On a quiet night...


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