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dennis_mug.jpg (3525 bytes)I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dec. 1, 1946, literally on the banks of the Rio Grande, in a motel. Moved to California in the 1960s. Lived in Florida since 1979 or so. Married to Anita Elaine Myers since 1969. Together we have one offspring and five from her first marriage. I used to tell people I was so lazy I married a woman who already had five kids. I can’t say “kids,” anymore, since none of them still are — but there’s six of them now, and an ever-growing gaggle of grandkids.

Went to work full-time at 13. Worked all kinds of jobs since then. Let's just say that, among other things, I know how to shoe a horse and scrape a boat. Served an apprenticeship for plastic injection mold making. Did every other kind of machine work from jig and fixture building to prototyping and machine rebuilding. Last shop gig was with Tropicana Products in the early 1980s.

I switched hats again during a recession in 1981-82 when machining jobs dried up in Florida and got a job with the Anna Maria Islander newspaper, where I went from photographer to editor.

Nowadays I handle publishing chores for a Sarasota Florida-based franchising company and do a little collectibles buying and selling on weekends via ebay. Oh yes, and drive the love of my life nuts by tone-tapping every piece of wood within reach.
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