Family Gathering
at Dodsons'

Dennis Ecklund
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It was a hoot celebrating Kay's visit and Savana's birthday.  But hey, these are the tropics — we don't need excuses to party. Click on the thumbnails or the image links to see enlarged versions of the pix.

dscn3880 dscn3883 DSCN3886_01 dscn3892 DSCN3893_01
dscn3880.jpg dscn3883.jpg DSCN3886_01.jpg dscn3892.jpg DSCN3893_01.jpg
dscn3899 dscn3902 dscn3903 dscn3905 dscn3912
dscn3899.jpg dscn3902.jpg dscn3903.jpg dscn3905.jpg dscn3912.jpg
dscn3915 dscn3924 dscn3928 dscn3932 dscn3934
dscn3915.jpg dscn3924.jpg dscn3928.jpg dscn3932.jpg dscn3934.jpg
dscn3935 dscn3936
dscn3935.jpg dscn3936.jpg